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Luminor GMT (Contemporary)

    With the polished look of stainless steel, the Luminor GMT luxury timepieces by Officine Panerai have boldness lacking in other watches. With their stainless steel encasement measuring either 40 mm or 44 mm, these watches will be noticed. In some models the encasement serves as the focal point, accenting a darker leather band. On other models, it is placed on a stainless steel band, completing an entirely metallic look. No matter what way it is worn, this watch will stand out.

    Because the encasements of these Officine Panerai luxury timepieces are stainless steel, they will match a variety of outfits. There is no need to fear black and brown clashing. A stainless steel watch will go with both black and brown, or any other color. The Luminor GMT line was designed to accent a wide variety of looks.

    Inside this silver encasement, the boldness continues. These luxury timepieces come equipped with automatic movement. On the face, the GMT clock is displayed just inside the 9 o'clock position. Having a second time zone adds technical intrigue. Meanwhile its placement opposite the date, which is at the 3 o'clock position, creates visual interest.

    The Luminor GMT line of luxury timepieces has a bold look. Officine Panerai has managed to capture strength and power. By harnessing power in a timepiece, strength has been used to bring out technical intrigue and beauty. The Luminor GMT is a complete, authoritative chronometer.