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Luminor Chrono (Contemporary)

    In 1999 Officine Panerai announced that it had designed a chronograph version of its classic Luminor watch, a decision that attracted much attention because of the enormous popularity of the original Luminor line. Luminor was Officine Panerai's star creation when it was issued in 1950, and the addition of the chronograph was regarded as the only detail needed to make it perfect. The result was a tough, accurate watch that is especially suitable for sporting events.

    These luxury timepieces are masterpieces of sound construction, made of titanium or stainless steel and capable of taking stress that might destroy more delicate luxury timepieces. One distinguishing feature of the luxury timepieces in Officine Panerai's Luminor line is the heavy metal guard over the crown, which protects it from being snapped off if the watch is subjected to intense pressure. With a feature like that, it's obvious that these luxury timepieces are designed for serious performance in the real world.

    Also notice that these chronographs have three counters, unlike most luxury timepieces, which only have one or two.

    However, these Officine Panerai timepieces have not sacrificed style for durability. Tachymeter scales for converting travel time to speed surround wide, masculine faces with multiple chronograph dials. These are sleek, attractive pieces of precision equipment, guaranteed to attract a glance. The subtle gleam of titanium or stainless steel adds its touch to the color scheme, resulting in luxury timepieces that exemplify the renowned design skills of Officine Panerai.

    With this revival and improvement on their 1950 classic, Officine Panerai shows that they are still masters in the design of fine luxury timepieces.