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Master Extreme

    The Reverso line was introduced in 1931, catapulting Jaeger LeCoultre Watches to prominence in the world of luxury timepieces. The modern descendants of this watch have the same art deco look, rectangular face and gorgeous metallic tones of their ancestor, but have a few modifications bringing them into the modern era. The Reverso Squadra World Chronograph takes the time-honored design of Jaeger LeCoultre Watches a step further. All the luxury timepieces of the Reverso line will flip over to display the back, providing a surface for embellishment. This back panel has held various things through the years. In the first Reverso models from Jaeger LeCoultre Watches, it could be inscribed with a personal text. A later model had a beautifully enameled portrait on the back panel. Other models saw the addition of a see-through back to display the movement.

    In the Squadra World Chronograph, this back panel holds a unique feature seen on several other Jaeger LeCoultre watches, a worldwide time zone display. This takes the form of a rotating disc, around the edge of which are inscribed a series of cities, one in each of the world's time zones. By using one of the knobs, the wearer can spin the disc and cause the watch to display the time in any zone. While other luxury timepieces brag about showing two or three time zones, this one gives you the whole world.

    These luxury timepieces have a futuristic, sci-fi look that will appeal to techies and art buffs alike, and it's hard to believe that the design is from the 1930s. Jaeger LeCoultre Watches' original concept was so modern, it looks like a piece of tomorrow.