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Reverso Squadra Ladies

    Jaeger LeCoultre Watches Reverso Squadra series of Ladies Luxury Timepieces combine modern styling and Classical or art deco design with stunning results. The Ladies' Reverso Squadra is finely crafted in styles ranging from the sporty yet elegant to diamond studded sumptuousness. Whether in red, pink, or yellow gold or stainless steel, the Ladies' Reverso Squadra adds a touch of glamor to everyday.

    Each timepiece has the patented protective reversible case from Jaeger LeCoultre's classic 1930s design, with the virtually unknown square case that the Jaeger LeCoultre engineers had kept hidden from the public eye. It was the 2007 release of the men's Reverso Squadra that broke the silence surrounding square case at last and altered the traditional lines of the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso with a new, strikingly handsome modern shape. The Ladies' Reverso Squadra Luxury Timepieces continues in this mode, while carrying this dazzling new shape to the exquisite.

    Although descended from a long line of ruggedly masculine watches, the Reverso Squadra Ladies Luxury Timepieces are slim fitting and thoroughly feminine, yet sturdy, accurate, and functional. Straps vary from model to model, but include finely articulated stainless steel or quality top grain leather. A unique strap change mechanism allows for maximum versatility. The Ladies' Reverso Squadra uses the fantastic new ceramic mounted movement, redesigned to fit the Squadra's ground breaking square case.

    The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Squadra was built with long lasting precision in mind, making the Ladies' Reverso Squadra perfectly comfortable and adaptable to all social situations from the polo field to the board room.