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Reverso Squadra Hometime

    Large, easy to read displays and a brilliant overall presentation mark these Jaeger LeCoultre watches as the kind to be collected either to be worn or handed down as keepsakes. Timeless craftsmanship is evident throughout every detail of the Reverso Squadra Hometime series, making it a very memorable find indeed. Those who have yet to experience the magnificence that is Jaeger LeCoultre would do well to start here, as this promises to be an especially wonderful series of original watches.

    Stainless steel and rose gold are flawlessly employed in the construction of these watches, and automatic movements ensure that users will be impressed with the accuracy and modern physique of every piece in the collection. Jaeger LeCoultre watches are made with precision and obsessive attention to detail, down to every last piece in the movement and every last cosmetic consideration. This is a style of watch both highly impressive and frequently imitated, but only the originals pose the charm and hold the vast mystique that these pieces promise to. With the Reverso Squadra Hometime series, connoisseurs of luxury timepieces are sure to be rewarded with something unique to their collections.

    The bracelets found on these watches are of the highest quality, flawlessly matching the gold and sterling silver that surround the highly visible dials. With a traditional clock face and a classic squared off shape, these are sure to be highly practical to the casual wearer who desires something fancy to go with a tuxedo or open collared shirt. Even those who are athletic can find things to admire about the watches in this series, from the no fuss dials to the comfortable grip of the rubber bracelets to be found on many of these original pieces.