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Hybris Artistica

    The Reverso design is the classic art deco look that first introduced Jaeger LeCoultre Watches to the world in 1931. As we can see in this line of exceptional luxury timepieces, that look has remained alive today. The Reverso watches made by Jaeger LeCoultre Watches today have the distinctive feature that first attracted public attention, the ability to flip over and display the watch's back.

    While the original luxury timepieces of the Reverso line had an engraved panel on the back, those in the Squadra Chronograph series have a see-through back displaying the movement. Jaeger LeCoultre Watches are known for their precise movements in amazingly thin bodies, and these luxury timepieces make the most of that.

    Two more departures from the original Reverso line are the 24-hour second time zone and the chronograph.

    The date is shown at 12, the second time zone is at 6 and the two chronograph dials are at 3 and 9. The rectangular face allows all this to fit without crowding, despite the bold, oversized numerals. These luxury timepieces explore the theme in red gold, silver and stainless steel with both light and dark faces.

    The original Reverso line was designed for the polo players of the 1930s, and one of the selections in the new line reaffirms that connection. Called the Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT Palermo Open, it was designed in collaboration between Jaeger LeCoultre Watches and polo star Adolfo Cambiaso of Argentina.

    These Jaeger LeCoultre watches simply look great, guaranteed to attract admiring glances. The suave charm that first made the public love these luxury timepieces is still there, but the Squadra series has become more sophisticated and versatile.