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Reverso Lady

    The luxury timepieces in the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Lady collection are available in different colors and styles. Ladies can choose watches with pink, white, black or brown straps. Shoppers who prefer watches with metal bracelets can choose gold or stainless steel. Diamonds sparkle on the bezels of some of the watches in this collection.

    Luxury timepieces to match pretty spring clothes have bezels with diamonds and pink leather straps.

    A bezel with diamonds surrounds the silver dial on the Jaeger LeCoultre watch with a white leather strap in this collection. This watch has a 33mm case.

    A black satin strap and a bezel with diamonds are two of lovely features on the Reverso Neva watch in this collection of Jaeger LeCoultre watches. This luxury timepiece has a 33mm case.

    Ladies who are looking for watches with brown straps can choose from several luxury timepieces in the Reverso Lady collection. One watch has a yellow gold 33mm case and luminescent hands. This model is also available with a yellow gold and steel case. Watches with tan leather bands and steel cases are part of this collection.

    Diamonds sparkle on the bezel of a watch with a gold bracelet and case. The same watch can be purchased with a stainless steel bracelet and case. It is also available with a bracelet that is made of yellow gold and stainless steel.

    Ladies will be delighted with the variety of luxury timepieces offered in the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Lady collection.