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    There's a lot of variety in this line of Jaeger LeCoultre watches, with several dial designs and levels of complication represented. Some of these luxury timepieces are beautiful in their simplicity, while others have unusual and fascinating features. The watches in the Master Control 1000 Hours series have been put through 1,000 hours of testing in the factory. During this time, Jaeger LeCoultre Watches subjects each of the luxury timepieces to extremely exacting tests of accuracy, so the buyer can be assured that each individual watch lives up to its prestigious name.

    For shoppers who want style and accuracy without complication, the first five luxury timepieces in this line are handsome specimens in rose gold, silver and stainless steel. These luxury timepieces have broad, masculine dials showing hours, minutes, seconds and a date window. The fifth selection shown here is the Master Memovox International, which is has an alarm.

    For shoppers who want a bit of sparkle, there are some selections from Jaeger LeCoultre Watches' Master Joaillerie series, including one with a power reserve dial, a small seconds hand and a date dial. This ushers in more complication, including lunar phase indicators and multiple time zones with AM/PM indicators.

    On some of these Jaeger LeCoultre watches, there is a feature that is seldom seen in luxury timepieces. This is a disc bearing the names of cities all over the world, with the watch being switchable to any of them. While some luxury timepieces are content to show two or three time zones, these will show them all.

    The thread that ties all these luxury timepieces together is the uncompromising standard of perfection maintained by Jaeger LeCoultre Watches.