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Master Compressor Ladies

    Jaeger LeCoultre knows how to employ the mastery of sterling silver and other fine metals to create something truly unique to be treasured for a long time. Careful index points inlaid into traditional round dials with an unmatched curvature and symmetry will undoubtedly impress collectors everywhere. Those familiar with Jaeger LeCoultre watches will instantly recognize the micro dials at the three o'clock and nine o'clock positions. The diamond bezeled pieces in this collection are particularly exquisite for ladies watches of this make.

    Leather, gold, or silver bracelets are an elegant finish to these watches, providing a comfortable fit around a lady's wrist. Those watches in the series that contain the famous chronograph will be most desirable to the more athletic among us who need something sporty, functional, and luxurious. The case diameter of each watch in the series is most becoming of a series of ladies watches, ranging from 37 millimeters to 39 millimeters across. Bold hour and minute hands make reading the time very easy, and this creates a look that is complementary of the design of the clock face.

    Seasoned collectors of fine luxury timepieces will already be familiar with the Jaeger LeCoultre line of watches, and the Master Compressor Ladies series takes what they've done before and sends it over the top. Delicate artistry and petite handling of even the more sporty features of these watches are evident, with much effort going into the fine details and the sheen of the finished case which holds the dial in place. Diamonds of the highest quality are used, and options like pink gold or sterling silver will have even highly experienced collectors coming back for more.