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Master Compressor Diving

    Striking and understated, with the elegant simplicity of the classic Jaeger LeCoultre analog display, these luxury timepieces stand out from the herd but are far from ostentatious. For all the care invested in their breath-taking aesthetics, these are much more than decorative pieces. Many of the pieces were designed in conjunction with professional divers from the United States Navy's SEAL team, and their contribution shines through in every aspect of these rugged timepieces. Specifically designed to serve distinguished gentleman as well in the boardroom as in a skin suit in the Caribbean, the Master Compressor Series contains pieces capable of functioning at depths of up to 1000 meters.

    Every aspect of the Master Compressor Series is hand-tailored to function in the most demanding underwater environments. With broad numerals and luminescent hands, the Series is designed to provide maximum visibility in the murky waters and chilling temperatures common to deep sea diving. Also incorporated into each piece is Jaeger LeCoultre's patented compression key system, which ensures that your piece will remain completely watertight, while avoiding much of the wear and tear that proves the downfall of so many diving watches.

    Each piece in this series was painstakingly designed to optimize both form and function, and every piece complies with the exacting standards for diver's watches imposed by the NIHS (Normes de l'Industrie Horlogère Suisse).