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Grande Complication

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Jaeger LeCoultre Watches, one of Europe's finest designers of luxury timepieces, has created their Grande Complication series and presented the world with a line of superbly designed and intricately constructed watches, a line truly worthy of their prestigious name.

The first of these Jaeger LeCoultre watches is a prime example. This is the Reverso Grande Complication A Triptyque, one of the most elaborate and compact luxury timepieces in the world. The case opens to reveal three dials, which inspired the name Triptyque. First is a time dial showing minutes, hours, seconds and a night/day indicator. There is an astronomical dial showing sidereal time and offering a choice of astronomical charts for the northern and southern hemisphere, times of sunrise and sunset and a patented zodiacal dial. The third dial is a perpetual calendar showing the month and day as well as a digital display of the date and leap years. A lunar indicator shows the phases of the moon.

From this amazing beginning, we are barraged by such an assembly of tourbillons, skeletonized dials, picture dials and repeaters that listing all of them would fill far too many pages. For example, several of these luxury timepieces are minute repeaters with fully visible movement showing both the tourbillons and the "snails" of their repeaters. After this we have several of the Master Tourbillon Jaeger LeCoultre watches using rose gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel.

Some of these Jaeger LeCoultre watches are chronographs with multiple dials showing various timing intervals as well as visible tourbillons. There are more perpetual calendars and repeaters near the end of the selection, as well as luxury timepieces with unique and colorful dial designs.