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    From time to time, there are collaborations between the worlds of luxury timepieces and of high-performance automobiles. Several great watch designers have created watches in honor of racing drivers or cars, usually as limited editions. This may seem an unlikely partnership, but it has certainly produced some memorable and collectible watches.

    The AMVOX line from Jaeger LeCoultre Watches came out of collaboration with Aston Martin automobiles, which moviegoers of a certain age will always remember as the creators of the classic James Bond cars. Not surprisingly, the results were luxury timepieces that were as cool, beautiful and well built as the famed cars combined with the timeless styling of Jaeger LeCoultre Watches. Before you could say, "Shaken, not stirred," these two design giants had created a line of high-action luxury timepieces that even the worthy Bond would be proud to wear.

    The AMVOX design from Jaeger LeCoultre Watches uses a round and several other concentric circles to draw your eyes to the center. The outermost circle has numberless hourmarkers and minute markers. The ring inside has numerals of two sizes, even numbers large and odd numbers small. Inside this is a smaller ring controlling the alarm.

    Notice how easy these dials are to read. The bright figures and bull's-eye pattern make the face almost leap off your arm, and there's no way you could misread the time.

    Of course, these luxury timepieces from Jaeger LeCoultre Watches have some car allusions. For instance, the leather bands are exactly the same kind of leather as in Aston Martin vehicles, and the alarm disc in the middle dial is meant to resemble the radiator grille of the DBR9 auto.