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Royal Oak Grand Complications

    Elegance and Tasteful Fashion Echo Through The Silence of this Luxury Watch LineWhere else but in the Audemars Piguet factory in Switzerland could a ladies watch with such preciseness, refinement, and sheer beauty be produced? The square face with a slight bend, and the diamond rich bezels make each watch in the Deva line a one-of-a-kind watch experience.

    The Deva is the epitome of quintessential luxury watches. The mother-of-pearl dials are free of embellishments, but the case is decorated with hundreds of diamonds that express the personality of the watch and the wearer. The Paved model in the line is a good example; the bezel is completely covered in brilliant diamonds.

    The cylinder attachments as well as the lugs morph into themselves and form an opening that functions as an anchor for the strap. The cylinders resemble a small parchment that’‘s been rolled in small diamonds. The parchment serves as a remembrance for the antique way of storing information. This clever referral sets the mystic mood for the lugs with fastening buttons, and the 18KT white gold case. This simple, but elegant, combination presents the strap in refined handbag fashion, which is irresistible.

    The Faces Express Inner Beauty and ExcellenceThese 28mm diamond set square watches have faces that reflect simplicity. The simple but timely face of each watch conceals the precise Swiss quartz movements that compliment the spirit of modern day time keeping.

    The line is a diamond-rich bezel wonderland. Each watch elevates the level of time awareness in the wearer. The perception of a reliable, well-made timepiece is embedded in the hours and in the minutes that are so artfully displayed on the face of each luxury watch. The scratch resistant sapphire crystal, tang buckle, and 9.2mm water resistant (up to 60ft) case express the company’‘s innate ability to focus on details. Their art of skillful watchmaking has no peers.

    Audemars Piguet stands behind the parts and the workmanship with their one hundred and thirty year old warranty. That warranty has always been the factory’‘s stamp of approval.