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    IWC watches are known for their high-quality luxury timepieces. Of these, the most cherished and desired are those from the Portuguese series, as seen by its long-standing popularity. Worn by professionals and watch collectors alike, this series continues to remain a favorite.

    The prevailing theme in these striking luxury timepieces is that of simplicity. Rather than being homely, simplicity is instead a style in its own right. The measurements case range from 42-44mm, and there is a wide range of options for the metals, including red gold, stainless steel, platinum, silver, and more.

    The dial depicts the truest image of the minimalism that is the call sign of this series. It is marked by little other than the appliquéd Arab numerals used to mark the time. In some of the models, only the hour and minute hands are represented. Some of these feature a unique style in which the hour is marked on a separate dial. Other models add a second hand dial, as well. Many of these watches come with an automatically wound seven-day power reserve; some models include a dial which indicates the number of days left. Others are only a hand wound device, similar to the pocket models first seen from IWC watches.

    The options for these luxury timepieces vary just as much as the case selection. All come with a classy leather strap, but the actual materials vary. Some models are fashioned from crocodile leather, while others are the highest quality standard leather. There are a multiplicity of assorted dyes to select from in order to match the watchcase.