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    When admiring this line from IWC Watches, it's easy to see that this company has a great deal of experience designing watches for divers. This is, after all, the same company that worked closely with Jacques Cousteau on the creation of water-resistant luxury timepieces, and that tradition of excellence survives to this today.

    This collection boasts some of the finest Aquatimer designs from IWC Watches, reinterpreting the basic IWC shape in several variations and colors. There are two Deep Two models in the collection, the first with a stainless steel bracelet and the second with a rubber band. Each of these luxury timepieces is water resistant to 120 meters and has a depth gauge that will function up to 50 meters below the water's surface. They also have rotating 60-minute bezels, and on both models the hands and the depth gauge are luminous.

    There are also several highly respectable Automatic 2000 creations from IWC Watches in this collection. These are serious diver's watches with screw-down crowns allowing water resistance to 2000 meters. Notice that in the first two of these IWC watches, the hands for minutes and hours are different colors to avoid confusion under hectic conditions. All have luminous hands and hourmarkers.

    Further into this collection are the more classical chronograph watches. To display their chronograph functions, these IWC watches have dials for 30 minutes, 12 minutes and one minute. They have the same unidirectional rotating bezels we have seen in previous models, as well as displays for both day and date. Notice that there are even several of the famed Jacques Cousteau Diver's watches previously designed by the renowned explorer in collaboration with IWC Watches.