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Big Bang 41mm

    Hublot Big Bang 41mm from Hublot Watches is just one of the variations on this successful design. Big Bang has really put this company on the map, and here we see more of the attractive design and eye-popping colors that made Hublot Watches famous. This is the mid-size line, between the 38mm and 44mm sizes, and the designers of Hublot Watches have lavished the same care and workmanship on these luxury timepieces as on the others.

    Some of these luxury timepieces have the black-on-black dials that have appeared in other Hublot watches, while others have light faces. The bezels of these luxury timepieces are anything but reserved, sporting an array of precious stones and metals.

    Hublot Watches describes the colors of their luxury timepieces as "Tutti-Frutti," and it only takes a glance at the watches of the Hublot Big Bang 41mm line to see why. Those brilliant hues are tsavorite, pink sapphire and yellow sapphire, three unusual gems that Hublot Watches have used to great advantage in the past.

    The selection of luxury timepieces begins with several ceramic body models. The tsavorites and sapphires on the bezels of some are particularly pleasing, but there is also much to be said for those with wide, porthole-style bezels.

    As we proceed through the luxury timepieces, we see rose gold on the bezels and dials. Again the designers of Hublot Watches have experimented with colors, making some faces white with gold figures while others are chocolate brown or the gray-green of tantalum. A few diamonds show up here and there, adding to the sparkle of the rose gold. Further down, the cool tones of stainless steel are dominant.