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Big Bang 38mm/ 39mm Jeweled

    In this line of exceptional luxury timepieces, Hublot Watches continues to explore variations on their popular Big Bang series. The Hublot Big Bang 38mm is the ladies' version of the watch, and the designers have produced luxury timepieces of extraordinary color and sparkle.

    There has been a trend in recent years toward luxury timepieces with oversized dials. This was an acknowledgment of the fact that many had such small, complicated dials that they were hard to read. No matter how unusual and ornamental a watch is, we still want to be able to tell time with it.

    However, this trend toward oversized luxury timepieces ignores a basic fact, which is that some people don't have oversized arms. On a small person, an oversized watch can look enormous. This is particularly a problem with some ladies, and is the reason why most oversized models are designated as men's watches.

    The Hublot Big Bang 38mm is the answer. These luxury timepieces have the great look of the Big Bang series on a slightly smaller watch.

    On the Hublot Big Bang 38mm, the designers of Hublot Watches have created luxury timepieces with unusual gems such as tsavorite, spinel and pink sapphire. Tsavorite resembles emerald but is harder and less likely to crack. Spinel looks like ruby and was once thought to be the same stone, but spinels can be more valuable than rubies. Spinels occupy an honored place in the British crown jewels and other fabulous jewel collections. While most sapphires are blue, the stone can also occur in orange and pink, as we see here. Of course, some of these luxury timepieces have diamonds, the perennial favorite.