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    This line of luxury timepieces has some of the most attractive designs of all Graham watches. They have also taken the concept of the tourbillon to unprecedented lengths, using these balancing devices to create luxury timepieces of amazing accuracy and shock-resistance.

    As these selections show, Graham watches place a strong emphasis on products used for "high-adrenaline" activities. Those who attend nail-biting events where split-second timing is needed will often have Graham watches because they are known to be among the world’‘s finest timekeeping devices for non-scientific purposes. All of the luxury timepieces in this line of Graham watches have chronograph functions that lend themselves to this kind of activity.

    While Graham watches are practical devices, which usually have little ornamentation, some of these luxury timepieces show a bit of rose gold. Several of the selections have attractive bodies of that fine metal, the colors of which interact very well with their dark dials and red hands.

    Graham watches are never petite. These selections are no exceptions, showing wide, round faces and oversized knobs for easy setting. The tourbillons that inspired the name are visible under see-through covers, adding to both the nice look of the luxury timepieces and their accuracy. Various color combinations are explored in the selections, including dark and light dials to accommodate different tastes, while the tourbillons and chronographs are arranged in different places on the faces depending on one’‘s personal preferences.

    Graham is a company that is closely in touch with its clients, and which specifically appeals to those who are looking for a rugged, masculine style of timepiece.