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Chronofighter R.A.C.

    Each watch in the Chronofighter R.A.C. series features a case fashioned to resemble a classic left-handed chronograph, with a PVD lever and start/stop button. The open-faced display is both attractive and easy to read, featuring an embossed and oversized six and twelve. Each of these luxury timepieces has an automatic mechanism and several functions, including hour, minute and second hands, chronograph function, and a power reserve. Several of the available pieces are water resistant up to 160 feet (50 meters). These daring Graham watches not only appear adventurous, but are practical for a man with an active and exciting lifestyle.

    There are several variations of this daring timepiece available. The case comes in beautifully finished steel or gold with an open face design available in a myriad of colors, including black, silver, brown, green, white and dark blue. The style of display ranges from a more conservative color scheme to bold and colorful dials, numbers and buttons. The rugged yet supple leather band is available in several shades of black, white or brown. A discerning man is certain to find a design among this extensive series that speaks to his own unique personality.

    The bold and adventurous man is sure to fall in love with this line of handsome and commanding luxury timepieces. Graham watches combine a unique, innovative design with dynamic functionality and a broad variety of masculine features to create a luxury timepiece in a class of its own.