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Chronofighter Oversize

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In some environments, 47mm might refer to a barrel or bullet size. In other places, 47mm could be the length of a screw or nail. The Chronofighter Oversize series by Graham watches has taken 47mm into a whole new dimension: that of the luxury timepiece. In bringing watches into oversized dimensions, Graham has created a new class of chronometer.

The Chronofighter Oversize series is a big brother to other Chronofighters by Graham. They are luxury timepieces featuring a large crown protector. The chronometer is held by a wide option of bands coming in brown, black or red. The circular case is offered in stainless steel, titanium or rose gold. In addition to these options are several different displays of the dials. All together, these combine for a wide variety of oversized luxury timepieces to choose from. There is surely a version to suit any man’‘s needs.

Luxury timepieces often speak for themselves and the person wearing them. These luxury timepieces by Graham make a loud, bold claim; they are the alpha dogs of chronometers. By opting for a Chronofighter Oversize watch, your statement is sure to be noticed. Amongst a roomful of wrists, the increased 47mm size of this series will impress everyone. These luxury timepieces are in a weight class of their own.