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Star Collection

    Glashutte Original is renowned for its quality, luxury timepieces. As a premier German watchmaking company, the quality found in Glashutte Original watches is hard, if not impossible, to match. Their timepieces create movements created with proprietary innovations. Glashutte Original is distinctive for being one of extremely few watchmakers that use their own movements within their watches, including the movements for the timepieces showcased in the Star Collection.

    The Star Collection showcases not only these unique and extraordinary movements, but also exhibits the finest in style and design as well. These timepieces feature striking and stylish face designs, which are laced with fine gems such as diamonds and sapphires. The timepiece bodies are constructed of the highest quality gold and many of the pieces in this line even feature 18 carat rose gold cases. The high quality cases paired with the stylish and tactful fine gem placement combine to create luxury timepieces that are classy and sophisticated while still being stylish and intricate to observe. Furthermore, the quality timepieces in the Star Collection all feature wrist straps made out of the finest leather available creating durable, yet delightful straps, which tactfully complement the face and casing of the timepiece.

    Face designs in the Star Collection include feminine and delicate designs such as the floral beauty of the Pink Passion, to professional and classy design like that of the Arabic Dream. Face designs in this heavenly collection range in theme from celestial to classic, with colors that are sure to delight and complement any wardrobe choices, without becoming overbearing.

    With the Star Collection, Glashutte Originals has created a beautiful, yet lovely line of timepieces that will match the style of any discerning lady, while offering quality timekeeping based on innovated and exclusive movements.