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Lady Collection

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Life is made up of choices. One of those decisions is determining what one wants in a watch. Many men like the look of simple wristwatches but want the benefits of different complications as well. It can be hard to find such a watch. It is not impossible, however.

The handsome watches in the Senator Panorama Date Moon Phase collection are just this sort of watch. Their basic design is one of simplicity and elegance. However, each of the luxury timepieces in this collection also features additional complications that add to its usefulness. These two aspects combined make for an excellent series of watches.

Each Senator Panorama Date Moon Phase watch is made with an open, uncluttered dial. There are no numbers along the outer edge of the face. Instead, small marks show the minutes. The marks are slightly larger at the main positions where numbers would normally go. These tiny marks are made from the same metal as the rest of the watch. This ensures continuity and adds to each watch’‘s charm.

The faces of these Glashutte Original watches also feature four small apertures. The first three reveal the date. The month, day of the week and day of the month are clearly shown in small black letters. The fourth aperture shows a tiny moon dial. This indicator shows the current moon phase.

Each watch face is set in a case made from stainless steel or 18k rose gold. The case is then firmly attached to quality leather straps.

The Senator Panorama Date Moon Phase collection features watches unlike any others. They are simple and classic while featuring modern complications.