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    The Arnold & Son Grand Tourbillon Perpetual presents one of the most sophisticated pieces of technological wearable on a wrist. Unlike others in its class, this watch has been specially engineered to counteract the destructive effects of gravity on the movement of its parts. In addition, the Equation of Time function allows the discerning user to monitor and contrast both sidereal and civil time. A perpetual calendar on the back of the watch shows standard information such the month, date, and day of the week as well as additional time information including the retrograde date, moon phase, and leap-year cycle, all assessed by the scientific synodic lunar period. Two push-pieces at 2 and 10 o’‘clock and two recessed buttons at four and eight o’‘clock allow users to set individual features independently and to access the functions of their choice, while a corrector at 9 o’‘clock allows synchronized adjustment. These watches stand alone among others in their class and price range in features, accuracy and ease of use.

    Not only is this luxury timepiece functional, it is aesthetically pleasing as well. A variety of models with faces in different high quality materials present options to please the unique tastes of any watch-lover. In all of these luxury watches, the lower third of the dial is open to show off the beauty of the internal technology in the workings. A high quality leather wrist strap makes it one of the most comfortable luxury watches on the market as well as one of the more fashionable. Designed for the horological connoisseur, the Arnold & Son Grand Tourbillon is one of the most scientifically accurate timepieces on the market today.