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Saxonia Automatik

    A. Lange & Söhne - Saxonia Automatik

    Like many of A. Lange & Söhne's other timepieces, the appearance of the Saxonia Automatik is at once vividly modern as well as effortlessly chic and classic.

    The striking appearance of the Saxonia Automatik is at once vividly modern as well as effortlessly chic and classic. Like many of A. Lange & Söhne's other luxury timepieces, this one features their patented out size date display. This useful feature is regularly ranked a favorite among the successful corporate czars and wealthy aristocrats that wear these luxury watches. This watch also offers the watchmakers' patented ZERO reset feature. This allows the timer on the small dial at the bottom of the watch face to be reset to zero immediately when the watch's crown is pulled. As a result, the Saxonia Automatik can serve as accurate a stopwatch as any official timekeeper's, yet is infinitely more convenient to the owner.

    As its name suggests, this model of the Saxonia luxury watch is automatic, which makes it perfect for worry free wear by its globe trotting owners. As you zip around the world, whether it is for pleasure or business, you likely lack the time or interest in playing with a watch's sensitive mechanism. This watch requires little attention, but provides easy to read information while on the go.

    While lesser quality watches hide away their inner workings, the Saxonia Automatik proudly shows its off with a clear sapphire glass case back. Though the front of this watch is a tailored study in easy to read rose gold or white gold dashes, housed in an 18K rose gold or 18K white gold case, the back is clear so you can admire the intricacies of the Lange calibre L921.4 SAX-0-MAT which in itself is a thing of mechanical beauty.

    The classic elegance of this luxury watch is further enhanced by its high quality leather strap. Made from highly coveted hand stitched alligator, it is available in black to match the 18K white gold case or a rich saddle brown which pairs well with the 18K rose gold case. The durability of the hand stitched alligator leather strap and its hand engraved gold buckle ensures that you will be able to enjoy your new luxury timepiece for many years, or even decades, to come.