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Promise Rings

    Promise rings, also known as “pre-engagement rings” are given as a gift to signify a relationship where the partners promise to be true to each other and monogamous. These rings are sometimes a precursor to an engagement ring, or they can just be used to exhibit one’s dedication to their relationship. Unlike engagement rings which are worn on the left ring finger, promise rings have a lot more “flexibility” in more areas than one. They can be worn on the left ring finger or any finger the wearer chooses. Also, stylistically there is a lot more variety than with a standard engagement ring which features either a single diamond main stone or a diamond main stone flanked by side stones or accented with other stones. A promise ring can have this same classic look or could be completely different stylistically. Promise rings can be in the form of a band ring and feature diamonds, or no diamonds at all! Promise rings with colored gemstones can be a wonderful way to not only show one is in a relationship, but can be a fashion statement as well featuring bold colored stones, or perhaps a ring that features your birthstone or the birthstone of your loved one. If you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and want do demonstrate your love in a meaningful and special way, please consider one of our promise rings to show how you really feel.