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Engagement Rings

    Engagement rings have a long and colorful history that stems all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. It is believed the Egyptians were the first to sport engagement rings, and the custom can also be traced back to the Ancient Romans. Roman women were given two rings: one made of gold for use in public and one made of iron for daily household wear. The diamond engagement ring we know today became popularized during the Renaissance, when it became en vogue for the upper crust to give diamond rings to their loved ones.

    During the Victorian era, diamond mining became a big business in South Africa. By 1872, diamond mines produced more than a million carats of diamonds per year, and the market was flooded with the precious stone. As production continued to increase, diamonds became more available and were no longer seen as a luxury afforded by only the wealthy and nobility. The diamond engagement ring became the norm for many Westerners until after World War I, when finances were tight for many.

    During the Great Depression, the popularity of diamond engagement rings dropped tremendously as one would expect. It seemed that the diamond engagement ring had seen its last days until diamond cartel De Beers began a major marketing campaign to boost the popularity of diamonds and of course, their business.

    In 1947 the well-known slogan "A Diamond is Forever" was introduced to persuade consumers that a diamond was pertinent for symbolizing a love which could not be broken; hence, the need for bridal jewelry to feature the everlasting stone. Today, a diamond engagement ring is a staple for many western cultures as well as increasingly popular in other areas of the world as well.

    At Luxury Bazaar, we have a vast array of engagement rings with a style for everybody. If you are in the market for something symbolic of a love that will last forever, look no further than our collection of engagement rings.

    Our Engagement Ring Collection
    It’s essential to find the right engagement ring for your significant other, considering their long and plentiful history. At Luxury Bazaar, we have an elegant collection of designer engagement rings for sale online. Our selection includes:

    • 14K yellow gold
    • 18K yellow gold
    • 14K white gold
    • 18K white gold
    • Platinum and more

    For many people, an engagement ring can be one of the biggest purchases of their life. When the time comes, pressure to find the perfect ring can make the decision much more challenging. We’ll help make that decision easier, so that you and your significant other will be completely satisfied, even ecstatic, with your purchase.

    All of our engagement rings come with sparkling diamonds that are guaranteed to catch your eye. Whether you choose yellow gold, white gold or platinum, we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed. Browse through our collection of beautiful designer engagement rings for sale online to find the perfect symbol of your love.