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Langematik Perpetual

    The Langematik Calendar & Moonphase Perpetual Watch

    The Langematik Perpetual Watch - Featuring Calendar & Moonphase in a Self-winding Watch, all accurate for over 100 Years.

    The Langematik Perpetual watch is an innovative timepiece from A. Lange & Söhne, featuring a perpetual calendar that also includes a moonphase display. Take a look at this elegant and timeless watch – which keeps the date up to and including leap year in the year 2100 – to fully appreciate it.

    This consummate luxury timepiece possesses displays that are clearly legible on a 38.5mm case. It has been impeccably constructed in both 18k rose gold or platinum. A. Lange & Söhne Zero Reset mechanism is another feature, along with the moon phase component that will operate for 122.6 years before needing a lunar correction. Amazing!

    The Langematik Perpetual is a self-winding watch, with a 21-carat gold and platinum bi-directional micro-rotor. It has classic solid gold Roman numerals set on a silver dial. All the components of these luxury watches are beautifully and artistically laid out. Each component is readily visible and given the space it requires, while, at the same time, the watch face is laid out in a most aesthetically pleasing, balanced and beautiful manner.

    The Lange & Söhne Langematic Perpetual watch would make the most stunning gift – a quality timepiece that the receiver will treasure for life. This handsome luxury watch is ahead of any and all competition in horology, the science of timekeeping, with components of the finest materials, and a mechanism equalled by none. This is the watch among watches, to be coveted by any person with refined taste who desires to own an unparalleled luxury timepiece. Each quality watch is painstakingly created, with relentless attention to its delicate and precise construction.

    Many hours of the finest watch artisans’ labors are invested in producing this remarkable and sophisticated watch. A. Lange & Söhne are known by the distinguishing individual to produce superior luxury timepieces, where craftsmanship and precision clockworks excel and are never compromised.