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    The Hautlence HLQ series of luxury watches builds upon a simple concept to create a vast array of models. The selection within these Hautlence watches allows every gentleman to find the ideal watch that matches their personality. Luxury watches do more than keep time; they make statements. Within this collection, there is a statement suitable for everyone.

    The Hautlence HLQ line is built upon a simple concept: the face features two dials. On the left is a smaller one that keeps track of the hour. Set behind it and to the right is a larger one that displays the minutes of the hour. Below these lies the date.

    This versatile layout functions as the foundation for many luxury watches. These Hautlence watches can appear complex, with gears and levers visible behind the dials, or they can be simple, showing only an elegant backdrop as a face. They are offered in classic colors, such as gold, brown and white. For those who prefer a more contemporary, edgy look, these also come in black and silver.

    All of these distinctive Hautlence watches feature a "jumping" hour and date. The minutes and seconds are retrograde, and each timepiece is one of a limited 88 in the collection.

    The Hautlence HLQ series has just enough in common to distinguish itself as a limited collection. However, it also boasts a variety not often found in luxury watches. Every gentleman will be able to find his perfect watch in this lineup.