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    The Hautlence HL 2.0 series of luxury watches builds upon the intricacies of the Hautlence HL line to create a truly inspiring appearance. The main dial does not indicate the hours; those are displayed along the top of the chronometer via a 12-link chain. The dial keeps track of minutes, creating a watch face different from those worn by most people. To the left of the minutes, one can catch just a glimpse of the gears that keep this machine ticking; these, of course, are the gear-train and manual winding system. The gears do not overpower the other features of the watch, but are sure to be noticed.

    This different style is completely unique to the Hautlence HL 2.0 line, which only has two models (each of which had a limited run of 28 watches). Set against a black alligator leather strap, the case is offered in either an 18k white or pink gold. Matching the encasement, the crown in the watch’s center features the distinct Hautlence logo. The beauty of the encasement surrounds a sleek watch face in much the same way that a picture frame compliments a piece of artwork.

    The Hautlence HL 2.0 stands out from other luxury watches with its unique intrigue. While it functions as a watch, the machinery keeping time causes people to marvel at the technology behind it. In these models of Hautlence watches, this technology has been combined with an elegant beauty to create a truly stunning chronometer.