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    Hautlence Watches has set out to remake the face of time. Their luxury watches use two or three dials to display time, giving an unusual, striking appearance. Even a casual glance can tell that they are something out of the ordinary, at once surprising and inviting.

    Hautlence HLs is a line of luxury watches embodying all the creativity and originality of Hautlence Watches. The Hautlence dial, which has become a modern icon since the company's birth in the late 1980s, uses a revolving wheel to show the hour. A jump hand, meaning that it follows a semicircular course and then “jumps” back to zero to start a new hour, shows the minutes. In some models, there is also a small circular second hand in the lower part of the dial.

    When paired with a bit of visible gearwork or some sparkling gems, this new face creates a first impression that is absolutely irresistible. Once you've read the time from one of these innovative luxury watches, the old style of watch face may just seem old-fashioned.

    In the Hautlence HLs series, we see this design in a number of variations. In creations of white gold, titanium, silver and pink gold, the three-dial arrangement is used to convey a look of stylish, futuristic beauty. The hours wheel is placed to the left side of the dial with its magnifying window at the apex. The semicircular minutes dial is larger and placed slightly off-center at the right of the dial, while the small seconds dial is in the lower right corner.

    This line demonstrates once again that Hautlence is at the forefront of innovative design in the exhilarating world of luxury watchmaking.