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    The luxury watches in the Hautlence HL series resemble the intricate workings of a time machine. The clock face on the left acts as the main dial, with a smaller dial in the bottom right corner measuring seconds. The minute hand appears in the upper right as a gauge. These combine to form a unique triangle on the watch's face.

    Lying behind and all around these dials and the gauge are levers, gears and screws. As these mechanisms move back and forth to keep the time, they show off the elaborate clockworks inside these Hautlence watches. In many ways, this design beckons back to images of time machines from many popular fictional books and movies, in which an intricately intertwined series of mechanisms would transport someone back or forward in time. These luxury watches are unique because they take aesthetic inspiration from the time-travel lore of yesterday, while simultaneously putting the horological technology of today and tomorrow on full display.

    This modern chronometer is accented by a magnificent display of beauty on all sides. Surrounding the watch face is a rectangular encasement made of precious metal. The encasement is offered in gold, rose gold and silver, creating a wide array of possibilities to suit any taste. While the strap is usually black or dark brown, the Hautlence HL series offers one model - Hautlence HL 07 - that has a white strap.

    These Hautlence watches are as unique as their appearance indicates. Each model is one of a limited edition consisting of 88 pieces in total. These luxury watches create an exclusive line of a singular style in timepieces.