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Fleurier 47 Complications

    There are many watchmakers in the world today, but there are very few who produce the quality of work that Bovet 1822 creates. Each watch painstakingly crafted by this world famous company is unmatched by any other. This is certainly true of the watches in the Bovet Fleurier 47 Complications collection.

    The Bovet luxury watches in this fine series show all the marvelous precision and beauty that has long been associated with the Bovet Fleurier group of watches. Each wristwatch features a number of different complications, creating a unique timepiece that is both elegant and functional.

    In addition to showing the time, these nice watches have small dials that mark jumping hours and rotating minutes. The seconds are marked on the tourbillon cage. The various dials, numbers and hands seamlessly combine to create a watch face full of beauty and grace.

    These Bovet timepieces are fitted with hand wound movements and include power reserves. This is to insure that the wearer always knows the time, even if they are a little late in winding the watch. The open works design on the face of the watch reveals the impressive engineering. It also adds to the overall beauty of the watch.

    Each face is surrounded by a case made from 18k red or white gold. The bezel inside is a deep blue color, matching beautifully with the surrounding case. The case on each watch is a lovely 47mm, and is specially designed to be convertible. The bands are made of quality, durable leather that will last for years.

    Most of the watches in this collection are exclusive limited editions, making them nearly impossible to find.

    Any gentleman would be pleased to wear one of the amazing watches in the Bovet Fleurier 47 Complications collection. They are beautifully crafted with intricate detailing, yet never lose their masculinity. Their large size fits well on a masculine wrist without being overstated or gaudy. They are truly elegant and timeless.