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Fleurier 46 Complications

    When looking for the perfect watch, many men have a difficult time finding one. There are many options available, but few watches combine dependability, precision and class into one complete wristwatch. Thankfully, Bovet has created a marvelous collection of watches that do just that.

    The watches in the Bovet Fleurier collection have long been known for their beauty and precision. Those in the 46 Complications series follow the same pattern. They are stunning timepieces that are consistently accurate. In them, any gentleman can find a watch that is both good looking and practical.

    As is clear from the name, the watches in this select group are crafted with 46mm cases. This pleasant size is large enough for a man's wrist without being too gaudy or ostentatious. The larger size also makes it easier to read at a glance.

    The cases on these Bovet luxury watches are made from 18k white or red gold. The bevel is slightly adorned on a select few of the watches in this collection. The dial inside may be a variety of colors, including black, blue and brown. Each dial is carefully matched with the case color to blend seamlessly.

    In terms of features, each Fleurier 46 watch is fitted with either a tourbillon or moon phase dial. In addition to this, several of the watches also mark two time zones or repeater hours. Each watch is hand-wound for precision. The majority of these amazing watches also have a power reserve for those rare occasions that the wearer forgets to wind it.

    The beautiful cases on these Bovet timepieces are convertible, allowing them to be used as a pocket watch as well as a wristwatch. Each watch comes with a sophisticated leather band that goes perfectly with the watch size and color.

    Men who are searching for a masculine watch with many features need look no further than the elegant watches in the Bovet Fleurier 46 Complications collection.