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Fleurier 44 Complications

    The expert craftsmen at Bovet have put particular effort into creating beautiful watch dials in their Fleurier 44 Complications collection. Each face is carefully crafted with unique elements to distinguish it from other watches. The faces of some of these watches use elegant background elements, while others are designed with two dial colors. The finished results are truly magnificent.

    The lovely faces are set into 18k white or red gold cases. Each case is perfectly round and attached to the straps with metal fittings. The straps are made of high quality leather, with each color chosen to accentuate the case and dial colors.

    Each of these Bovet luxury watches is fitted with a variety of complications. To add interest and elegance to the dials, many of the watches feature tourbillons. A select few have double butterfly tourbillons, set with tiny diamonds. Other Fleurier 44 Complications watches have minute repeaters or day markers. Each feature is run by hand wound movements that are always precise. Many also have a power reserve for the few times the owner might forget to wind it.

    The Bovet Fleurier collections are well known for another unique feature that sets them apart from other watches: the cases are convertible, allowing them to be used as wristwatches or as pocket watches. This is highly unusual and adds to the charm of these special watches.

    Many of the watches in this series are limited editions and are therefore unavailable to most people. For this reason, they are some of the most sought after watches in the entire Bovet Fleurier series.

    Any gentleman would be proud to use one of these magnificent Bovet timepieces. The large size, variety of complications and unique dial designs make them excellent choices for any distinguished man.