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Fleurier 43 Amadeo

    Each masterfully-crafted timepiece in the Bovet Fleurier line of watches is truly a monument of fine timepiece engineering. And within the line, there is perhaps no better example of this than the Bovet Fleurier 43 Amadeo. With its exquisite 43-millimeter stainless steel case and leather band, the 43 Amadeo speaks clearly of its owner's impeccable tastes. On the timepiece's black polished enamel face sit a stately set of stainless steel Roman numerals and chronograph dials. In a whimsical, yet tasteful touch, Bovet selected a squiggled form for the Amadeo's stainless hour and minute hands, tipped with an elegantly shaped arrowhead. At the heart of this timepiece sits Bovet's exclusive 11BA12 automatic movement with a 72-hour power reserve. The oscillating weight that serves to wind the watch is made of ornately engraved stainless steel, which is visible through the back's sapphire crystal.

    If the Amadeo's features ended here, it would be an outstanding timepiece. But they don't; in the Amadeo, Bovet has engineered an ingenious case, making it one of the most unique Bovet timepieces. Inspired by a dream, Bovet owner Pascal Raffy launched his company into a seven-year research mission to create a beautiful, yet extraordinarily functional watch case. In 2010, Raffy's dream became reality with the release of the three-way convertible watch case. All watches in the Fleurier line were equipped with this new case, which allows the timepiece to be used as a wristwatch, a table clock, or a pocket watch. In a brilliant display of ingenuity, a series of small mechanical devices allows the band to be removed from the watch and a pivoting, swiveling base to be released from its hidden recess in the case as the watch almost magically converts to a table clock. A chain can also be easily attached to the case to convert the Amadeo to a pocket watch.

    Anyone who can appreciate a beautiful and highly functional watch will quickly fall in love with the Bovet Fleurier 43 Amadeo.