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Dimier Recital

    Most successful people want to stand out from the crowd; they choose distinct clothing or shoes to show their personality. In the same vein, many people decide to show their individuality with their timepiece. There is no better way to do this than with a watch from the extravagant Bovet Dimier Recital collection.

    These amazing watches are certainly different from many others. They retain many traditional design features to ensure that they are elegant and classy, while through small details, they deviate from the norm.

    Each case is perfectly round and firmly attached to its leather strap. Case sizes range from 40mm to 48mm, so that the owner can choose the size that works best for them.

    The differences are seen on the dials of these watches. Many of these Bovet timepieces feature an open works design, with each gear and fitting highlighted and clearly shown. They also use a tourbillon to add class and distinction. The seconds are marked on the tourbillons. As for the rest of the watch, it remains uncomplicated, showing only the minutes, seconds, and power reserve indicator.

    Another group of watches in this collection have a variety of added features. Besides showing the hours and minutes, these Bovet luxury watches also show the time of a second time zone. The second dial is slightly smaller to avoid confusion. There is also an extra dial that mark 24 different cities, perfect for the modern-day jet-setter. To top it all off, each watch has a day/night indicator. Each feature blends seamlessly with the next, creating a truly different timepiece.

    The movements vary depending on the watch chosen. Some feature automatic movements, while others are hand wound. The hand wound movements are supported by a power reserve.

    There are few men who would not appreciate one of these fine watches. They are masculine and out of the ordinary, perfect for the man who wants to show his originality.