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Fleurier 42 Complications

    Bovet 1822 has spent many years perfecting the art of watchmaking. All their time and experience has helped them to discover what people are looking for in a watch. They have realized that many men enjoy watches that are classically shaped, yet modernized with unique dials and complications. They have also discovered that many of these same men have no desire to be ostentatious. They want a unique watch that is smaller, yet remains masculine.

    Based on their findings, the designers at Bovet have released the Fleurier 42 Complications collection. This group of watches contain all the features men look for in a watch in a convenient 42mm case. This smaller case size is still large enough to look good on any man's wrist. Each watch is clearly made for a man, without being too big. The dial has room for the various complications that are offered in the watches in this collection. The time is also clearly marked and easy to see.

    The cases are formed of 18k white or red gold. Each case is perfectly round and attached to the straps with fittings made of the same metal. The cases are also convertible, allowing them to be transformed at a moment’s notice into a pocket watch. When used as a wristwatch, the case is fitted with leather straps.

    These Bovet timepieces use unique dials to set them apart from other watches. The time is marked in an unusual way on a select few of these watches. The hour is shown with a large number in the middle of the dial, while the minutes are marked along the edge with a small triangle. Therefore there are no hands on these particular watches.

    The other Bovet luxury watches in this collection feature perpetual calendars, the date or the moon phases. Each one is precise and accurate in it movements.

    These watches are a perfect gift for many men.