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Fleurier 39 Ladies Touch & Jewelry

    The Bovet Fleurier 39 Ladies Touch line of watches epitomizes the elegance and timeless beauty for which Bovet timepieces are world-renowned. Within the 39-millimeter case of each watch in this series sits Bovet's exclusive and extraordinarily precise 11BA13 automatic movement featuring a generous 72-hour power reserve.

    The Bovet Fleurier Ladies Touch is available in a magnificent range of artful and refined designs sure to please the aesthetic sensibilities of any discerning timepiece aficionado. Case metal options include radiant, high-polish stainless steel, rich red gold and brilliant white gold. Some watches in this line exude an understated and genteel simplicity, with delicate diamonds glimmering ephemerally in place of numbers on the white mother-of-pearl dial inlaid with a beautiful flower. Other watches in the collection are more ostentatious, flaunting a complete bezel of painstakingly hand-selected, ice-clear diamonds, virtually guaranteed to catch the eye of any nearby observer as they play light in impossible ways.

    These features alone make the Fleurier 39 Ladies Touch an exceptional work of art. But the timepieces in this series hold a splendid secret that makes them even more alluring. In 2010, after seven years of research and multiple rounds of engineering, Bovet released its convertible case. Without any alterations made to the timepiece's movement or overall aesthetic, the Fleurier case was redesigned to hide a series of ingenious mechanisms that allow the watch to assume several forms. For example, if the owner chooses not to wear the watch on the wrist, the band can be easily detached with the press of a button. A chain can then be attached to the case to convert it to a pocket watch. By depressing another button, a ring-shaped base pivots and swivels out from the case back, allowing the timepiece to be seated on a flat surface for use as a small table clock.

    Bovet luxury watches are indeed a symbol of status and refinement, of which there is perhaps no better exemplar than the Fleurier 39 Ladies Touch.