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Fleurier 39

    The Bovet Fleurier series have become world-renowned for their light elegance and understated style. These same design features can be clearly seen in Bovet's Fleurier 39 collection.

    Each watch in this fine collection is fitted with a 39mm case. The cases are perfectly round - a trademark look of the Fleurier watches. They are attached to the fine leather straps with strong fittings that fit seamlessly into the overall look of the watch. Cases are available in both 18k white or red gold.

    The most notable feature of these Bovet luxury watches is that every case is convertible, allowing it to be used as a pocket watch. This comes as no surprise to those who are accustomed to the Bovet style; this company has long specialized in creating pocket and dual-purpose watches.

    The Bovet Fleurier 39 watches feature easy-to-read faces. Each number is clearly marked with a Roman numeral or a small diamond. A select group of these wristwatches feature a sub second dial. The Bovet signature is clearly marked on the face of each one. Two hands, to mark the hours and minutes, round out the otherwise uncluttered dials. The dials may be black or white, depending on the watch.

    Some of these Bovet timepieces use diamonds on the bevels and strap attachment pieces. These watches are particularly beautiful on the wrist of a woman.

    Unlike many other watches in the Bovet Fleurier series, these wristwatches are fitted with automatic movements. This simplifies life for the wearer. Although one needs never worry about remembering to wind these watches, a select few have a 72-hour power reserve. This is included to insure precision and reliability.

    It is easy for someone to find the perfect watch among those in this collection. Each one is elegant and beautiful. Suitable for both men and women, the Bovet Fleurier 39 watches are classic timepieces that will never go out of style.