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Limited Edition

    The Franc Vila Tourbillon Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero is a very limited edition line of luxury timepieces that are so rare that only eight of them are being made. They are crafted of a new material that has been called "lightnium’‘‘‘ because it is an Aluminum-Lithium alloy. This material is exceptionally lightweight with a high tensile strength. These Franc Vila watches feature a five-day power reserve and are water resistant up to 100 meters. Their casing is made of durable stainless steel and the line is known for its elegance and reliability, just as all Franc Vila watches are.

    The Franc Vila Cobra Tourbillon Planetaire series of watches is particularly rare and luxurious, with a limited release of only 88 pieces. They are water resistant to 300 meters and can be used during fishing, snorkeling and other water based activities. The watches are handcrafted of the highest quality materials including a black titanium case and a fixed bezel made of carbon fiber and blackened die-hard extreme steel. Franc Vila watches also feature excellent power reserves of 42 hours. These luxury timepieces are specifically crafted for men.

    The Franc Vila Cuatro Tourbillon Dial-Side Column Wheel Monopusher Chronograph is another line of luxury watches that is limited to just eight pieces. These watches feature a power reserve of about 120 hours as well as 32 jewels and an impressive frequency of 21,600 vph. The FVN Cuatro is made of 262 parts that combine into an exceptionally well-made and stylish timepiece that exudes luxury and classic elegance.