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Tribute Jumping Hours Automatic

    Some of the most interesting luxury timepieces are those that find a novel way of expressing the time. Some split up the dial into separate second, minute and hour dials. Some have rings bearing numerals moving past an indicator. There are even luxury timepieces that show the time as two bands of jewels moving past rows of numbers.

    Unusual dial design was all the rage in the 1930’‘s, when many luxury timepieces were built that expressed the time in ways never seen before. Unfortunately, most of these were novelties that soon died out.

    Now Franc Vila watches have brought back an old dial that might have graced the arm of a wealthy socialite in 1935. This watch has a jumping hour feature in which the hour is shown as a number in a small window. It changes or "jumps" when the hour changes, hence the name. The minutes are shown on a dial in the center of the face. Below this there is a smaller seconds dial.

    It’‘s not surprising that Franc Vila watches is reviving this dial, since their distinctive Cobra dial design is perfect for it. The upper part of the dial, the "Cobra’‘s hood," contains the hour window and minutes hand, while the lower part has the seconds hand.

    In these Franc Vila watches silver, stainless steel and diamonds are used to show off the classic design. In the first two luxury timepieces, diamonds encircle the face and the open areas have a floral pattern in silver. In the third of these Franc Vila watches, there are even more diamonds and the decoration is blue, a color echoed by the band.