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Master Quantieme

    While many women today have definite ideas of what they want in a wristwatch, few are able to find one that suits their every need. These sophisticated women want a watch that is both elegant and unusual. Watches of this caliber are hard to find.

    The good news is that Franc Vila has produced a collection of luxury timepieces that will satisfy any woman’‘s desires. The Master Quantieme series features watches that use classic lines and traditional materials to create timeless pieces. Within, however, each watch is truly modern and includes several complications.

    These Franc Vila watches are crafted with round cases. The cases are made of 18k white or rose gold. The bevel of each watch is inlaid with tiny diamonds. This not only adds to the beauty of each watch but also increases the watch’‘s value. Each case is firmly attached to a color-coordinated strap.

    Within each lovely case is an unusual face. Formed with two circles, the face contains two dials. The uppermost dial is the largest and shows the time. The Franc Vila signature is placed directly above this large dial. The numbers are placed around the outside of the dial. Slender, elegant hands discreetly show the time.

    The smaller dial sits below the first. It shows the level in the power reserve as well as the moon phase. The dial contains one small hand that in no way interferes with the movement of the larger hands.

    Any woman who knows what she wants in a watch will be pleased to discover the timepieces in the Franc Vila Master Quantieme collection. It is there that she will find the watch of her dreams.