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El Bandido Chonograph Grand Date

    The El Bandido Chrono Grand Date series from Franc Vila watches is one of their best yet. Here new color schemes and features take the classic Cobra design into new territory.

    As the eye moves down this lineup of luxury timepieces, the first thing that jumps out is that three of these four watches have all-black faces. This is most unusual, seldom seen even in the artistic world of luxury timepieces. Even the hands and numbers are black, though there is a difference in shading that makes them easily visible.

    This sleek, dark color scheme, echoed in the stainless steel bodies, enhances the wonderful snakehead appearance that these luxury timepieces share with many other Franc Vila watches. The occasional touches of red on the faces add to this deliciously vicious look.

    However, designers of Franc Vila watches know that this look, so appealing to some people, is not for everybody. For those who think the El Bandido Chrono Grand Date is a gorgeously designed watch but aren’‘t too sure about the dark colors, there is our third selection. Here a body of rose gold surrounds a face with light and dark areas, white numerals and rose gold hands. Blued screws provide tiny spots of color that work well with the black rubber band and dark areas on the face.

    These luxury timepieces also have some features that were not in some of the earlier Cobra designs from Franc Vila watches. Some have gained moon phase indicators, power reserve dials and indicators for month or date.

    The luxury timepieces in this line have everything that’‘s good about Franc Vila watches, but now there’‘s even more.