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SuperSonico SuperLigero

    In this exquisite piece from Franc Vila watches, the classic Cobra design gains one of the most complicated devices in the world of luxury timepieces, a five-minute repeater. This is a feature which, at the touch of a button, sounds the time to the nearest five-minute mark.

    A repeater is a challenge for the designers of luxury timepieces, generally seen as the ultimate test of technical skill. It depends on an elaborate mechanism built around a part called a snail due to its distinctive shape. It’‘s a challenge because it’‘s so complicated, which means two things: It’‘s difficult to make, and it’‘s fun to watch.

    Knowing this, the designers of Franc Vila watches have an understandable desire to show off their skills, which is fine with their fans since it makes such great-looking luxury timepieces.

    A black titanium case surrounds a skeletonized dial with details of red and gold so bright they almost jump off your arm. Numerals are big and white with the "V" emblem of Franc Vila watches replacing the 12. The band is black rubber matching the body and has the corrugations that we have seen on other Cobra Franc Vila watches.

    The movement is the star of the show, the red snail and myriad of smaller parts performing their endless ballet for the viewer’‘s entertainment. The hour and minute hands are central on the face, while there is a small seconds hand under 12.

    This watch is smart and stylish, showing the uncompromising standards of Franc Vila watches. It marks its wearer as someone who knows something about luxury timepieces, since that "V" is one of the best-known trademarks in the business.