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Quantieme Grand Sport

    Few watches combine elegance, durability and masculinity in the way that the Quantieme Grand Sport collection watches do. This series of luxury timepieces has been introduced to the world by Franc Vila. Known for their expert craftsmanship, the watchmakers at Franc Vila have produced some of the most accurate and precise watches available.

    The basic shape of each watch follows the same design pattern as the other Quantieme wristwatches. These Franc Vila watches are crafted with a circular case. The case may be made of 18k rose or white gold, as well as with stainless steel or titanium. Each case is polished to a glossy finish.

    The sturdy cases are attached to the straps by means of small posts set close to the main case. The straps are carefully chosen to coordinate with the case color. Many of the straps are made from quality leather while others are formed from rubber.

    One of the unusual things about all the Franc Vila Quantieme watches is the unique face shape. Instead of following the shape of the case each face is formed with two connecting circles. This basic shape may be altered somewhat with the inclusion of different complications.

    The upper dial on the Grand Sport watches is dedicated to marking the time. The smaller dials set below and around the larger dial host a variety of complications. Date and moon phase dials are standard on all of these wristwatches. Many of these Franc Vila watches also serve as chronographs. Others feature a power reserve.

    There are few gentlemen who would not be pleased to wear any one of these amazing timepieces.