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Quantieme Perpetual

    Franc Vila watches have long been known for their classic lines and practical complications. Indeed, these watchmakers have perfected the art of creating functional wristwatches that do not lose any beauty with the addition of new complications.

    This is certainly true of the stylish watches in the Quantieme Perpetual collection. Each watch is truly a work of art. At the same time these watches are made for the modern man and feature a perpetual calendar, among other complications, to help him throughout his day.

    The main design of each of these luxury timepieces is based on a circular case. These cases are crafted out of a variety of materials including 18k rose and white gold, titanium and stainless steel. A select few of the Quantieme Perpetual watches are made with two different metals.

    Each case is attached to fashionable yet masculine straps. The straps are made from dyed leather or molded rubber. In this way each man can choose a strap style that suits him best.

    These Franc Vila watches feature an unusual face shape. The basic outline of each face is that of two circles, one larger than the other. Within this distinctive shape sit four small dials. These dials are clustered around the main hands that mark the hour.

    Within the smaller dials one finds the perpetual calendar complication. Each dial is dedicated to a different aspect of the calendar features. All of the dials are run off of an automatic movement. This ensures the precision of each wristwatch.

    One is unlikely to find any other collection of watches that features timepieces as beautiful or as truly practical as those in the Quantieme Perpetual collection.