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HJ5 Planetary Tourbillon

    The Franc Vila Planetary Tourbillon luxury timepieces are a line of exclusive watches designed for those with discriminating taste. Impeccably crafted, flawlessly designed and certain to impress everyone who sees it, these timepieces are the high-class answer to keeping track of the time.

    Luxury timepieces are more than simple watches. They are an exercise in style and sophistication, technical masterpieces, and items you can wear with pride. Aesthetically attractive and technically superior, Franc Vila watches are sure to impress. The Planetary Tourbillon luxury timepieces combine contemporary styling with a classic appearance for a blend of the traditional and modern that is very appealing. Easy to read and featuring a range of functions, the HJ5 Planetary Tourbillon watches are highly functional as well as attractive. A tourbillon is a rotating cage that can keep the movements of a watch balanced, allowing a watch that is constantly in motion to keep time perfectly. Most modern watches do not feature tourbillons. Choosing the exacting quality and fine craftsmanship of the Planetary Tourbillon shows your appreciation of fine timepieces and your desire to only buy the absolute highest quality.

    These luxurious watches are a treat to behold and comfortable to wear. A wonderful break from the ordinary, and a true departure from mass-production watches, the HJ5 Planetary Tourbillons are handcrafted by artisans who are as passionate about their work as you are.

    Franc Vila Planetary Tourbillon luxury watches feature the classic figure-8 design that Franc Vila watches are known for with quality, leather straps. The handcrafted watches are built with an incredible attention to detail so every watch crafted will be of the highest quality. Featuring titanium cases and mechanical movements that are built to exacting specifications, these luxury timepieces are the epitome of watchmaking. They are the essence of old-world craftsmanship blended with modern technology and brought to life by passionate artisans.