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El Bandido Planetary Tourbillon

    Franc Vila presents the El Bandido Planetary Tourbillon, one of the most endearing hallmarks of timekeeper manufacturing the world has ever seen. Worth about as much as your average house in a nice, quiet suburban neighborhood, the intricate detailing of this rare mechanism reflects the cunning artistry of its engineers. They were somehow able to both masterfully create a ludicrously elegant, sleek, almost serpentine design, and at the same time, not let its imposing ebony facade hinder its beautifully diligent refulgence.

    It cannot be ignored by those who lend it even a momentary gaze, similar to how a child’‘s eyes are locked into a kaleidoscope when he or she peers into one for the first time. Impacted in the center of the face of the watch, a clever vantage of a thriving populace of silver and gold gears inlaid can be discovered, giving the watch a dashingly imperial style. An exquisite work of art for years to come, the El Bandido Planetary Tourbillon drizzles with a strangely earnest, yet serious vibe as if the watch itself is something that is very difficult to dent or scar. Strong in appearance, this watch resembles a miniature tank, an image that is emphasized by its hardy, militaristic demeanor.

    Possibly being one of the furthest things from a joke, it is a serious watch for those who can afford the pinnacle of what today’‘s society has to offer. Choose the El Bandido Planetary Tourbillon by Franc Vila to finally add the broadest stroke to your vogue repertoire.