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Cuatro Tourbillon

    In recent years we have seen a growing number of luxury timepieces using four tourbillons coming on the market. These gyroscopic devices compensate for the effects of movement and gravity, keeping the movement of luxury timepieces regular and accurate. Having four of them in the same watch allows for a degree of accuracy not seen before.

    Of course, that’‘s not all they’‘re good for. As any aficionado of fine watches can attest, they’‘re also a whole lot of fun to watch. Tourbillons are tiny, precision pieces of equipment that spin constantly for their entire existence. Their ceaseless spinning catches every eye that sees them. Suddenly we become kids again, watching the gyroscopes spin.

    Franc Vila watches, like many other makers of luxury timepieces, are asking, "Why fight it?" Rather than modestly covering up their tourbillons, they are flashing them at the world- and flashing is certainly the right word for it.

    Each of these Franc Vila watches has a fully skeletonized dial to reveal all of the inner workings, including those mesmerizing tourbillons.

    We see this design explored here in various color combinations. As our eyes travel down this line of luxury timepieces, we see titanium, rose gold and stainless steel used together in beautiful, harmonious compositions that highlight the intricate workings of the movement. Screws are gold or blue to provide a color accent.

    Each of the luxury timepieces from Franc Vila watches has a chronograph function and automatic movement.

    These pieces have all the suave, masculine charm that discriminating shoppers have come to expect from Franc Vila watches, but here it’‘s been taken to a new level of sophistication and accuracy.