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Cobra Planetary Tourbillon

    This piece has the styling seen in earlier Franc Vila watches, a dial resembling a cobra about to strike. The face of this serpent of luxury timepieces is in the shape of two lobes of different sizes, larger above smaller. They connect to form a silhouette like the snake’‘s spread hood, a resemblance that was probably unintentional originally, since this shape is not a novelty but simply a way of accommodating the dial and the tourbillon. Whether it is intentional or not, it’‘s a very striking look, pun intended.

    A border of rose gold with screws of the same material surrounds this face. Notice how this interacts with the golden hands, numerals and other details of the face. The black of the body and rubber band is echoed by the dark areas on the face, creating the kind of color harmony that discerning clients expect from luxury timepieces like Franc Vila watches.

    That’‘s the kind of strong, emphatic design Franc Vila watches is known for. The designers of luxury timepieces also know that the movement of clockwork is a thing of beauty and should not be hidden. Here the gorgeous tourbillon, a delicate construction of golden and silver-hued parts, is visible in the lower part of the dial. The wheels of the date indicator are also visible, showing intricate pieces of the same colors. The whole assembly is a ballet of moving clockwork, showing off the precision and design ability of Franc Vila watches. Automatic movement completes the list of this watch’‘s attributes.

    Franc Vila watches has produced another rare masterpiece, outstanding among luxury timepieces for its sheer beauty as well as the accuracy of its tourbillon mechanism.